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Industrial Ecology

Organized by C. Kumar N. Patel

May 20-21, 1991
Washington, DC

Introduction and Overview

Lynn W. Jelinski, Head, Biophysics Research Department, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Chair

Frank Press, President, NAS, Welcome Address

Kumar Patel, Executive Director, Research, Materials Science, Engineering, and Academic Affairs Division, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Charge to the Conference

Overview of Industrial Ecology
Robert A. Frosch, Vice President, General Motors Research Laboratories

Industry as a Metabolic Activity
Bruce Smart, Jr., Senior Counselor, World Resources Institute

Dale F. Stein, President, Michigan Technological University, Discussion Leader

Technical Components of Industrial Ecology
George Parshall, Director, Chemical Science, DuPont Central Research and Development, Chair

Efficient Energy Use in Manufacturing
Marc H. Ross, Professor of Physics, University of Michigan

Alternate Starting Materials for Industrial Processes
James W. Mitchell, Head, Analytical Chemistry Research Department, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Gregory Eyring, Senior Analyst, Energy and Materials Program, Office of Technology Assessment, Discussion Leader

Cynthia Pruett, Director of Safety, Chemical, and Environmental Programs, IBM Corporation, Chair

Investigations of the Environmental Acceptability of Fluorocarbon Alternatives to CFCs
Mack McFarland, Senior Research Associate, DuPont

Approaches to Eliminating CFC Use in Manufacturing
Walter S. Boyhan, Senior Staff Engineer, AT&T

Thomas E. Graedel, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Discussion Leader

Joan B. Woodard, Director, Environmental and Manufacturing R&D Programs, Sandia National Laboratories, Chair

Polymer Recycling: Potential and Limitations
Richard S. Stein, Professor of Polymer Science, University of Massachusetts

Materials Derived from Biomass/Biodegradable Materials
William D. Luzier, North American Commercial Manager, ICI Americas

Merton C. Flemings, Head, Materials Science & Engineering Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Discussion Leader

The Process of Risk Assessment and Its Role in Regulations
Michael W. Pariza, Director, Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Margaret C. Heagarty, Professor and Director of Pediatrics, Harlem Hospital Center, Discussion Leader

Robert A. Laudise, Director, Materials and Processing Research Laboratory, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Introduction of After Dinner Speaker

George E. Brown, Jr., Chair, House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, After Dinner Speaker

May 21

Legal, Regulatory, Economic And Social Components Of Industrial Ecology
David R. Chittick, Environment & Safety Engineering Vice President, AT&T, Chair

Optimizing Industrial Use of Heavy Metals
Robert U. Ayres, Professor, Engineering and Public Policy Department, Carnegie-Mellon University

Preventing Pollution as a Means of Enhancing Competitive Position
John S. Hoffman, Director, Global Change Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Ronald W. Rousseau, Director, School of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Discussion Leader

Environmental Issues and the Law
Ragna Henrichs, Chair, Environmental Practice Group, Johnson & Gibbs, P.C.

Industrial Input-Output Analysis: Implications for Industrial Ecology
Faye Duchin, Director, Institute for Economic Analysis, New York University

Braden R. Allenby, Senior Attorney, AT&T, Discussion Leader

Janusz A. Ordover, Professor of Economics, New York University, Chair

Economic Aspects of Industrial Ecology
William D. Nordhaus, John Musser Professor of Economics, Yale University

Peter B. Linhart, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Discussion Leader

Where Do We Go From Here
David W. McCall, Director, Environmental Chemistry Research, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Chair

Technology Transformation: The Needed Environmental Revolution in Technology
J. Gustave Speth, President, World Resources Institute

William C. Clark, Assistant Director, Center for Science & International Affairs, Harvard University, Discussion Leader

Educating and Training Industrial Ecologists for the 1990's
David Troxell, Vice President, Quality and Health Services, International Technology Corporation

Environmental Education
Charles E. Hutchinson, Dean, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

W. Lincoln Hawkins, Materials Consultant, San Marcos, California, Discussion Leader

Jesse H. Ausubel, Fellow in Science and Public Policy, Rockefeller University, Conference Summary

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