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Molecular Recognition

Organized by Ronald Breslow

September 10-11, 1992
Washington, DC

September 10

Session One
Ronald Breslow, Chairman

Supramolecular Effects and Molecular Discrimination by Macrocyclic Hosts Embedded in Synthetic Bilayer Membranes
Yukito Murakami, Kyushu University

Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Molecular Recognition
Clark Still, Columbia University

The Aspartate Receptor and Transmembrane Signaling
Dan Koshland, Berkeley University

Macromolecular Recognition from DNA to RNA to Protein
Alanna Schepartz, Yale University

Session Two
Michael Czarniecki, Chairman

Antibodies By Chemistry and For Chemistry
Richard Lerner, Scripps University

New Opportunities at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology
Peter Schultz, Berkeley University

Antibody Catalysis of Metabolically Essential Reactions IN VIVO
Donald Hilvert, Scripps University

The Molecular Biology of Smell
Richard Axel, Columbia University

Cation Recognition by Acetylcholine Receptors
Arthur Karlin, Columbia University

Signal Transduction in Two Light-transducing Systems: Bacteriorhodopsin and Mammalian Rhodopsin
Gobind Khorana, MIT

September 11

Session Three
Arthur Karlin, Chairman

Towards the Estimation of Binding Constants in Aqueous Solution
Dudley Williams, Cambridge University

Molecular Recognition of Double Helical DNA
Peter Dervan, CalTech

Strategies for Rapid Detection and Increased Specificity of Molecular Recognition Events for Analytical Applications
Ted Ullman, SYVA

Biomimetic Molecular Recognition and Self Assembly
Steven Zimmerman, Wisconsin University

Session Four
Clark Still, Chairman

Simulations of the Recognition Processes in Proteins: Binding Free Energies & Ligand Design
Martin Karplus, Harvard University

Structural Characterization of Molecular Interactions at the Cell Surface
Wayne Hendrickson, Columbia University

Computational Studies of Molecular Recognition in Organic and Biomolecular Systems
William Jorgensen, Yale University

Recognition, Binding and Catalysis
Ronald Breslow, Columbia University

Organizing Committee:
Ronald Breslow (Chair)
Michael Czarniecki
Arthur Karlin
Clark Still

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