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Nanoscience: Underlying Physical Concepts and Phenomena

Organized by John T. Yates, Jr., Phaedon Avouris and George Whitesides

May 18-20, 2001
Washington, DC

Day 1:

Session I: Proximal Probes
John T. Yates, Jr., Moderator

Atom and molecule manipulation with the STM
Karl H. Rieder, University of Berlin

Single Molecule Vibrational Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Wilson Ho, UC Irvine

Nano-scale Studies of Quantum Phenomena by Scanning Probe Spectroscopy
Roland Wiesendanger, Hamburg University

Session II: Optical Techniques
Wilson Ho, Moderator

Single molecule spectroscopy
Sunney Xie, Harvard University

Fluorescence of deposited nanoclusters using the STM
Hans-Joachim Freund, University of Berlin

Session III: Quantum Dots & Clusters
Phaedon Avouris, Moderator

Optical properties of nanoclusters
Paul Alivisatos, UC Berkeley

The Non-Scalable Regime: Electronic Structure, Fluid Flow, and Nanocatalysis
Uzi Landman, Georgia Tech

Single Molecule Raman Spectra on Large Ag Nanocrystals
Louis Brus, Columbia University

Experimental studies of the electronic structure and interactions in Quantum Dots
Leo Kouwenhoven, University of Deft

Interesting Photophysical and Photothermal Properties of Gold Nanorods
Mostafa A. El-Sayed, Georgia Tech

Quantum Dot memory devices
Stephen Chou, Princeton University

Nanoscale Fluctuations on Solid Surfaces
Ellen Williams, University of Maryland

Day 2:

Keynote Presentation
Mildred S. Dresselhaus, MIT

Day 3:

Session III: Quantum Dots & Clusters (continued)
Phaedon Avouris, Moderator

Stability of assembled cluster islands and fractal fragmentation
Catherine Brechignac, CNRS

Towards molecular logic machines
Raphael Levine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Synthesis and magnetic properties of nanoclusters
Christopher Murray, IBM

Session IV: Nanowires, Molecular Wires, and Devices
Charles Lieber, Moderator

One-dimensional electrons: from centimeters to nanometers
Johannes Voit, University of Beyreuth

Carbon nanotubes: transport and electronic devices
Phaedon Avouris, IBM

Modeling molecular electronic devices
Mark Ratner, Northwestern University

Carbon Nanotubes: A Thermal Electric Nano-nose
Peter Ecklund, Pennsylvania State University

Nanowire and Nanotube Building Blocks for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Charles Lieber, Harvard University

Molecular electronics
Mark Reed, Yale University

Molecular devices and computing
James R. Heath, UCLA

First-principles calculations of the conductance of molecules
Norton Lang, IBM

Session V: Nanostructure Synthesis and Self-Assembly
Mark Ratner, Moderator

Lithography for rapid device fabrication
George Whitesides, Harvard University

Nanostructures and Devices Assembled from DNA
Nadrian Seeman, NYU

Evolving Biomolecular Control of Semiconductor and Magnetic Nanostructures
Angela Belcher, University of Texas, Austin

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