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Protecting Our Food Supply: The Value of Plant Genome Initiatives

Organized by Michael Freeling, Ronald Phillips, and John Axtell

June 2-5, 1997
Irvine, CA

Friday, September 12

June 2 Opening Events - Introductory Session
Organizers' opening remarks
Mike Gale and Jeff Bennetzen. Report from the 1995 Banbury Meeting: Conclusions from IGGI (International Grasses Genome Initiative)

June 3: Genome Projects

Comparative genomics of the world's major cereal crops
Mike Gale

Evolution of genome organization in mammals
Stephen O'Brien

The Drosophila genome project
Gerry Rubin

Understanding disease through whole genome analysis: a paradigm for humans and plants?
David Cox

The Arabidopsis genome project: a useful model?
Chris Somerville

Comparitive Mapping - Committed short talks

Grass genomes
Jeff Bennetzen

Switching genes between one species and another
Junko Kyozuka

Thoughts on facilitating exchange of genetic tools and information between species
Susan McCouch

Keynote Address
Genetics, biotechnology, and sustainable agriculture, especially in regard to plant pathogens, Steve Briggs

June 4: Plants, Food and Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture: some opportunities and challenges
Bruce Alberts

Agriculture and our changing world population and environment
Robert Herdt

Achieving a successful, multinational, collaborative grasses genome project
James Cook

Quantitative trait loci and metabolic pathways: genetic control of flavone synthesis and corn earworm resistance in maize
Mike McMullen

Genome projects and gene pools: new germplasm for plant breeding
Mike Lee

Interesting relationships of crop plants
Toby Kellogg

Plant genome values: how much do we know?
Mike Bennett

Nuts and bolts of plant/food genome projects

Obtaining ESTs for rare and specific messages
Tim Helentjaris

The importance of anchor genomes for any plant genome project
Jo Messing

Probing plant gene function and expression with transposons
Rob Martienssen

The rice genome project in Japan
Takuji Sasaki

Does biotechnical crop improvement really matter?
Jim Peacock

The maize genome project
Ed Coe

June 5: Discussion and attempts at summation
Virginia Walbot, Organization of the discusson

Parting words

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