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Quasars and Active Galaxies: High Resolution Radio Imaging

Organized by Marshall Cohen and Kenneth Kellermann

March 24-25, 1995
Irvine, CA

March 24

Session one - The Observational Picture Provided By VLBI

Morphology: Intermediate Scales
P. Wilkinson, UK

Morphology: Small Scale
A. Readhead, California institute of Technology

Magnetic Fields and BL Lacs
D. Gabuzda, Russia

High Luminosity Sources
A. Zansus, NRAO

Low Power Radio Galaxies
G. Giovannini, Bologna

NGC 1275
J. Romney, NRAO

J. Biretta, CFA

NGC 5128
D. Jauncey, Australia

M. Bartel, Canada

A. Witzel, Germany

Gravitational Lensing
J. Hewitt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Compact Doubles and Microlensing
J. Ostriker, Princeton University

Geoffrey Burbidge, Dinner Speaker

Session Two - Relativistic Beaming and Unified Models

Superluminal Sources
R. Vermeulen, California Institute of Technology

A Superluminal Source in the Galaxy
L. Rodriguez, Mexico

Unification and Optical Emission
J. Miller, UNSC

The Case for Unification
Gopal-Krishna, India

Difficulties with Unification
A. Singal, India

Unification and Large Scale Structure
R. Laing, United Kingdom

X-Ray and -Ray Emission: Probes of the Inner Jets
A. Marscher, Boston

The Nature and Collimation of Jets
M. Begelman, Colorado

Ekers (Chair), Antonucci, Fosbury, Phinney, Rees, Burbidge, Scheuer, Morrison
P. Morrison (MIT) - Conference Summary

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