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Awarded to recognize distinguished accomplishment in fluviatile geology and closely related aspects of the geological sciences. The recipient is awarded a $20,000 prize. Established through the G. K. Warren Fund by gift of Miss Emily B. Warren.

Ellen E. Wohl, Colorado State University, received the 2024 G.K. Warren Prize.

Wohl’s expansive work has expanded our understanding of fundamental fluvial and watershed processes in diverse environments ranging from the Arctic to the tropics.

Wohl’s research on rivers, particularly those river channels with resistant boundaries of bedrock and large sediment clasts, ranges from examining hydraulics and sediment transport to studying biological-physical interactions and human impacts. Her work – on flow resistance, step-pool and other mountain channels, wood in river channels, and ecological aspects of stream corridors – is founded in field measurements.

2024 G.K. Warren Prize, Wohl social

Her work has dramatically influenced and guided river management and restoration worldwide. Wohl is the author of an extensive number of publications and books, introducing broad audiences to river science, and is an extraordinary mentor and role model for women in science.

Watch Wohl’s acceptance speech.

Award History

The G. K. Warren Prize is named after Gouverneur Kemble Warren — an American civil engineer and United States Army general during the American Civil War — and was established through the G. K. Warren Fund by gift of Miss Emily B. Warren in memory of her father. The prize was first presented to Ralph A. Bagnold in 1969 for his outstanding contributions in fluvial geology.

Previous recipients of the G. K. Warren Prize continue to achieve outstanding advancements in their fields. One recipient has been honored with a National Medal of Science (Leopold, 1991).

Most Recent Recipient
Ellen E. Wohl, 2024 G. K. Warren Prize.
Ellen E. Wohl
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