Research Interests

My major interest is to understand what happens to molecules released into the atmosphere and, in turn, how these molecules affect the atmosphere. Towards this interest, we identify and quantify middle- and lower-atmospheric chemical processes through laboratory studies. My group studies the thermal gas phase reactions, photochemical processes, and heterogeneous and multiphase reactions of various chemical species known, or expected, to be present in the atmosphere. We have been able to determine the atmospheric lifetimes of various molecules and the impact of these molecules on depletion of stratospheric ozone, production of tropospheric ozone, and climate. We have been able to assess the roles of present or future molecules on stratospheric ozone and climate. This work also helps in understanding the chemical composition of the atmosphere. These studies, carried out under atmospheric conditions of pressure, composition, and temperature, have shown the existence of interesting chemical phenomenon. I am also interested in understanding the chemical signatures of species in ice cores and bio-geochemical cycling of chemicals in the Earth system. My work now also deals with regional air quality, urban air pollution, and climate-related issues.

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Section 16: Geophysics

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Section 14: Chemistry