Alison Etheridge is Professor of Probability in the University of Oxford and Fellow of Magdalen College. Following an undergraduate degree in Oxford, her doctoral studies were split between Oxford and McGill University. She then held research fellowships in Oxford and Cambridge, and positions at University of California Berkeley, University of Edinburgh, and Queen Mary University London, before returning to Oxford in 1997. She has been awarded an OBE, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and has served as President of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and as Chair of the UK Council for the Mathematical Sciences.

Research Interests

Alison Etheridge's research interests range from abstract mathematical problems to concrete applications. A particular recent focus has been on the genetics of spatially extended populations, where she has exploited and developed links with infinite dimensional stochastic analysis. In this context she and her coauthors have introduced flexible mathematical frameworks in which to explore topics including the impact of spatial structure of a population on patterns of genetic diversity, and the complex interactions between ecology and genetics.

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Section 32: Applied Mathematical Sciences