Research Interests

As an applied physicist/electrical engineer I have studied the refraction, diffraction, polarization and frequency translating of laser radiation by acousto-optics techniques (1960-1965); the generation, amplification, measurement, nonlinear optical properties and applications of passively Q-switched and mode-locked picosecond laser pulses (1965-1972); the behavior of flash-lamp-pumped, high-power photodissociative lasers (1965-1969); the properties of pulsed atmospheric, flowing, and RF-excited carbon dioxide lasers (1970-1975); the remote sensing of pollution and atmospheric turbulence, the measurement of air speed with coherent IR laser radar techniques (1975-1988); the use of fiber-optics sensors in smart structures (1985-1994); and the use of fiber-optics data bus and sensors in fly-by-light applications (1985-1994). My recent interests are in studying microwave discharges and applying the results to gas lasers, the use of photo-acoustic techniques to detect very small refrigerant leaks, the use of mid- and far-infrared coherent radiation to study the upper atmosphere, and the application of high-power semiconductor laser diode arrays to desktop manufacturing, engraving, marking/printing, and material working.

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Section 31: Engineering Sciences