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My research interest in experimental elementary particle physics included work on various CP violation parameters of neutral kaon system, which led to the first detection of leptonic decay charge asymmetry and the 2-muon decay mode. At LBNL, I developed the Time Projection Chamber (TPC), a new experimental concept that permitted three-dimensional particle tracking and identification over a substantial range of angles and momenta, which has been embraced by several major research facilities. I also initiated R&D efforts to develop "smart-pixel" arrays to enhance vertex detection capabilities, which led to the adoption of "column-based architecture," a concept crucial for the study of high mass particles for the SSC. In high-energy neutrino astronomy, I developed a decentralized system architecture with innovative waveform-recording ASICs that permits high-quality data to be collected within 1 ns accuracy in a km-scale detector embedded in the deep ice at the South Pole, a technique that has been adopted by the ICECUBE collaboration and by the KAMLAND detector being constructed in Japan for the study of neutrino flavor oscillations at reactor energies.

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