Research Interests

I used to be a solid state physicist that worked in the area of thin films and superconductivity. Now I work in Biological Physics and attempt to use the tools of physics to solve problems in biology. Presently my work deals with biosensors, tissue culture, immunology, and macromolecules. Most of my present work is concentrated on a novel approach to study cells in tissue culture where the cells are cultured on small gold electrodes. By monitoring the electrode impedance, both the cell morphology and motion can be inferred from impedance changes. In immunology I have focused on immunological methods and at the moment I am working on a novel approach detecting antibodies using laser interferometry. Finally, by applying a specially constructed atomic force microscope, I am attempting to measure the elastic properties of both single molecules of proteins and DNA strands by binding the molecules to small polystyrine spheres.

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Section 33: Applied Physical Sciences