Séamus Davis hails from Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland. He received his B.Sc from University College Cork, Ireland in 1983 and his Ph.D. from the University of California ? Berkeley, CA, USA in 1989. He was appointed Professor of Physics at the University of California – Berkeley and a Faculty Physicist at Berkeley National Laboratory between 1993 and 2002. He became Professor of Physics at Cornell University, New York, in 2003 and a Senior Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York in 2006. In 2007 he was appointed SUPA Distinguished Professor of Physics at St. Andrews University, Scotland, and in 2008 the J.G. White Distinguished Professor of Physical Sciences at Cornell University, USA. He has served as Director of the Center for Emergent Superconductivity for the US Department of Energy (2009-2014). In 2019 he became J.G. White Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, USA; Professor of Quantum Physics, University College Cork, Ireland; and Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, UK.

Research Interests

Davis' active research interests are in the macroscopic quantum physics of emergent quantum matter including studies of superconductors, superfluids and supersolids; Kondo, Weyl and Hund metals; magnetic and Kondo topological condensates; spin & monopole liquids. Virtually all of these projects involved the invention of unprecedented scientific instruments and technologies to allow human perception of the macroscopic quantum physics of quantum matter.

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