Research Interests

Dr. Fujimoto's research interests include the development and application of femtosecond laser technology and studies of ultrafast phenomena as well as biomedical optics and biomedical imaging. Working with colleagues at M.I.T., he has developed new methods for ultrashort pulse generation in solid state lasers and applied these for the investigation of ultrafast processes in condensed matter. Dr. Fujimoto is also active in biomedical optics, including the development of optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging. His recent research has focused on techniques for high speed, ultrahigh resolution OCT imaging as well as applications in ophthalmology and cancer diagnosis. He was involved in the technology development and transfer which formed the basis for the Carl Zeiss ophthalmic OCT instruments. Dr. Fujimoto is also co-founder of LightLabs Imaging, a joint venture with Carl Zeiss in the area of endoscopic and cardiovascular OCT imaging that was acquired by Goodman, Ltd.

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Section 31: Engineering Sciences