Research Interests

As a theoretical and computational condensed-matter physicist, I have worked on developing new computational methods for electronic structure and the total energy of solids as well as applying them to study physical properties of various materials. Since the first such work, "momentum-space formalism for the total energy of solids" which was published in 1979, I continue to do research on the fundamental properties of solids and their applications to next-generation technologies. My study includes the electron transport and field emission in carbon nanotubes with various shapes and defect structures, the mechanical and electronic properties of wrinkled graphene caused by external stress, and anomalous transport properties of some exotic materials such as phase-change-memory materials and topological insulators. Since 2006, I have been a leader of a research team consisting of universities and industries aiming at developing safe and sufficient hydrogen-storage nanomaterials. Our team carries out research and development to theoretically design and experimentally synthesize hydrogen storage materials that can function under practical vehicle-operation conditions. We employ carbon-based nanomaterials decorated with transition metal atoms to store molecular hydrogen via relatively weak "Kubas" interaction mechanisms.

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