John Bell is a Senior Staff Mathematician at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and leader of the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering and the Mathematics and Computational Sciences Department in Berkeley Lab’s Computational Research Division. He is an applied mathematician known for his work in development of numerical methods for partial differential equations. Bell received his B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1975) and his M.S. (1977) and Ph.D. (1979) from Cornell University, all in mathematics. Prior to joining LBNL, John held research positions at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Exxon Production Research and the Naval Surface Weapons Center.

Research Interests

Bell's research focuses on the development and analysis of numerical methods for partial differential equations arising in science and engineering. He has made contributions in the areas of finite difference methods, numerical methods for low Mach number flows, adaptive mesh refinement, interface tracking and parallel computing. He has also worked on the application of these numerical methods to problems from a broad range of fields, including combustion, shock physics, seismology, flow in porous media and astrophysics.
Recently, Bell's work has focused on the development of new computational approaches for coupling different physical processes and the design of algorithms that combine models at different scales in a single computation.

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Primary Section

Section 32: Applied Mathematical Sciences

Secondary Section

Section 11: Mathematics