At the US, my trajectory has been Johns Hopkins (postdoc), Yale (professor for 22 years in engineering, physics and mathematics, most of those yeas as the Harold W. Cheel Professor), University of Maryland (for 18 months, as Distinguished University Professor, Glenn Martin Professor of Engineering, Director of the Institute of Physical Science and Technology), the International Center for Theoretical Physics or ICTP in Trieste, Italy (7 years, as its Director), NYU (as Senior and Executive Vice Provost), the former Brooklyn Poly (as President), and the newly established Tandon School of Engineering at NYU (as the inaugural Dean). Whatever leadership positions I have held, I have always tried hard to do competitive science in my area, which is fluid dynamics and nonlinear science, particularly turbulence in nearly all forms.

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Turbulence ranging from astrophysical scales (e.g., the Sun), quantum turbulence (especially in superfluid helium 4).

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