Research Interests

Our interest is in the organization and structure of memory in terms of anatomy, physiology, and function. The problem of memory has benefited in recent years from work at many levels of analysis, including the study of molecular events within neurons and synapses, the study of neural systems, cognitive studies of humans and experimental animals, and quantitative analysis of computational models. Many questions about memory address relatively global, structural issues: Is there one kind of memory or many? Where is memory stored? How is memory organized? What brain systems are involved in memory and what jobs do they do? Our research draws on the traditions of neuroscience, neuropsychology, and cognitive science. A part of our research involves studies of identified patients with amnesia. The analysis of such cases provides useful information about the structure and organization of normal memory. We also study nonhuman primates and rats, particularly with respect to questions about the anatomy of memory functions.

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Section 28: Systems Neuroscience

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Section 52: Psychological and Cognitive Sciences