Born Istanbul 1943; degrees in the University of Istanbul, Department of Prehistory. Main field of research is the emergence and expansion of the Neolithic early village farming economies. Since 1964 participated and conducted several excavations and surface surveys including Çayönü, Yarimburgaz, Toptepe, Mezraa Teleilat, Kanligeçit and Asaii Pinar. Presided over the Cultural Heritage Project of the Turkish Academy of Sciences until 2013. Currently along with excavating Early Neolithic site of Asagii Pinar in Eastern Thrace, also carrying on open-air site museum and heritage management projects. History of archaeology, politics in archaeology and environmental archaeology are also among his fields of specialisation. He is the member of numerous academic institutions including the National Academy of Sciences- NAS- and Academia Europea; he has received numerous awards including Turkish Academy of Sciences (2001), Vehbi Koç Foundation (2008), Chamber of Architects (2020) and the ‘Cavaliere’ medal of Italy. He has published 23 books and 339 academic papers on archaeology and heritage.

Research Interests

Main focus of interest is the emergence and expansion of early village farming economies, working both in the formation zone of Neolithic cultures as well as in its contact zone with Southeastern Europe. Currently, directing A?a?? P?nar, a Neolithic site, and Kanl?geçit an Anatolian Bronze Age colony in Eastern Thrace. Concerned with site management, steering the foundation of open-air site museums, initiated and presided over the Cultural Heritage Project off the Turkish Academy of Sciences until 2013.

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Section 51: Anthropology

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Section 64: Human Environmental Sciences