Research Interests

The central research interest in my laboratory is to understand the precise molecular mechanisms that underlie transcriptional control required for the developmental appearance and regulation of phenotypically distinct cell types in mammalian brain and endocrine organs by nuclear receptors, POU domain factors, and other classes of transcription factors. The neural and endocrine systems serve the demands of progressively more complex organisms as an intricate system of molecular signaling between cells and organs in order to present an integrated response to internal and external stimuli. We are pursuing combined molecular and cell biology genetic, and biochemical approaches to decipher the precise mechanisms that underlie the control of the neuroendocrine system. These studies have elucidated novel families of tissue-specific transcription factors, allosteric control of transcription factor function by DNA binding sites, roles of polarity in positive and negative control of gene transcription, actions of nuclear receptors, and linkage of transcription and growth.

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Section 42: Medical Physiology and Metabolism