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Our Earth and Solar System have a history, in which processes played out in patterns that are in numerous cases not observable today because their characteristic time scales are too long or they are inherently chaotic, but which have left a history archived in the geological and paleontological record. It is these aspects of Earth History that are uniquely understood by the study of deep time records that I am dedicated to. In particular these include: 1) the analysis of sedimentary strata that record changes in climate paced by the gravitational interactions of the major bodies in the Solar System, both in their short-term quasi-periodic and long-term chaotic behavior as well as the biotic effects of these climate changes; 2) giant physical events, such as extraterrestrial impacts and planetary-scale volcanism, and their biological sequelae including mass-extinctions and adaptive radiations; and 3) evolutionary events especially the appearance of key innovations that have major biogeochemical consequences. Thus far, my research has largely focused on the early Mesozoic Era (145-252 million years ago), but I am extending my approach to both younger and older time periods.

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