Research Interests

I have had twenty five years experience in analyzing science, technology and environmental policy in Asia, Africa and Latin America. During this time I authored nine books and over 90 referred journal articles and book chapters on technological change, productivity growth and environmental management in the developing world. I have been particularly interested in understanding the process of intensification and commercialization of smallholder subsistence systems. My work has ranged from: an in-depth assessment of the Green Revolution in Asia and mechanization in sub-Saharan Africa, to measuring the negative impacts of pesticide use on the environment and human health. My most recent work has focussed on Biotechnology in the developing world, trying to understand the potential for a transition from the Green to the Gene Revolution. I have also been interested in the consequences of rapid diet change, especially among the urban middle classes, on production systems and technology change in the developing world. My latest book examines how small farms in developing countries can be integrated into modern food supply systems in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. I am also helping promote better data systems and agricultural policy decision making in the World's least developed countries.

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Section 64: Human Environmental Sciences

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Section 54: Economic Sciences