Research Interests

Dr. Lefkowitz's research interest focuses on the elucidation of the molecular and regulatory properties controlling the function of G protein coupled receptors, such as the adrenergic receptors. In addition to studying the structure of the receptors he has isolated and characterized enzymes and proteins involved in desensitization of the receptors as well as in novel signaling pathways emanating from the receptors. Two recent interests of his laboratory have been 1) understanding the molecular mechanisms of mitogenic signaling by G protein coupled receptors and 2) testing novel strategies for improving cardiac performance as, for example, in congestive heart failure, by inhibiting enzymes such as the beta-adrenergic receptor kinase which regulates beta-adrenergic receptor function in the heart.

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Primary Section

Section 42: Medical Physiology and Metabolism

Secondary Section

Section 23: Physiology and Pharmacology