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In his work he has made important contributions to the analysis of complex datasets, most recently in genomics and proteomics. Some of his most well-known contributions are the lasso, which uses L1 penalization in regression and related problems, generalized additive models and Significance Analysis of Microarrays (SAM).He also co-authored three widely used books "Generalized Additive Models", "An Introduction to the Bootstrap", and "The Elements of Statistical Learning", now in its second edition. Professor Tibshirani co-authored the first study that linked cell phone usage with car accidents, a widely cited article that has played a role in the introduction of legislation that restricts the use of phones while driving. He is one of the most widely cited authors in the entire mathematical sciences field. Professor Tibshirani has been heavily involved in PhD supervision, graduating a number of students who have gone on to significant careers in academia and industry.

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Section 32: Applied Mathematical Sciences