Research Interests

Sakaguchi studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms of immunological tolerance and immune regulation. He has shown that a population of immunosuppressive T-lymphocytes, designated regulatory T cells, are present in the immune system and its deficiency or dysfunction is causative of a variety of immunological disorders including autoimmune diseases. He has investigated the molecular basis of regulatory T cell development and function. In addition, Sakaguchi and his laboratory have demonstrated that numerical expansion of regulatory T cells or strengthening of their suppressive activity is capable of preventing and treating autoimmune diseases and also establishing stable tolerance to transplanted organs, while their reduction in number or suppressive activity is able to provoke effective immunity against cancer. Sakaguchi is currently investigating how regulatory T cells can be targeted in humans to control a variety of physiological and pathological immune responses in clinical settings.

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International Member

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Section 43: Immunology and Inflammation