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Our work focuses on the two peptides, substance P (SP) and neurotensin, that were isolated and chemically defined in this laboratory. Previous projects that are currently underway relating to the biochemistry and pharmacology of SP include studies to determine the binding domains of SP with its receptor using photoactivatable derivatives of SP containing the photoreactive amino acid benzoylphenlalanine; studies to determine the binding domains of an antagonist of SP, CP 96,345 using a photoactivatable derivative of this compound; the characterization of calcium signals generated by administration of SP to CHO cells transfected with mRNA encoding the full-length SP receptor; the roles of SP in several models of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract using non-peptide SP antagonists; a truncated form of the SP receptor and several mutant receptors. A new direction of research involves studies directed towards the chemical characterization and function of the carbohydrate moieties on the SP receptor.

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Section 23: Physiology and Pharmacology