I am Professor of Geology & Geophysics, and Professor of Biology, at the University of Utah. My interests are in using isotopes to understand processes at, or near, the Earth’s surface including evolution of hominids in Africa, nuclear waste disposal, cosmogenic nuclides, isotopes applied to forensics studies, wildlife ecology, paleoclimate on geological time scales. My research is on the development of methods using isotopes to solve problems in those areas.

Research Interests

Isotope forensics, wildlife ecology of African mammals, forensics applied to the illegal wildlife trade, environments of hominin evolution in Africa, cosmogenic dating of geomorphic surfaces in the Quaternary, high resolution paleoclimate of Holocene and late Quaternary, environmental geochemistry, Sr-isotopes in terrestrial environments.

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Election Year


Primary Section

Section 15: Geology

Secondary Section

Section 63: Environmental Sciences and Ecology