Distinguished professor Emeritus Univ. Calif. Riverside. Phd Physics, Univ. Wisconsin 1973. My principal research interests were assessing chemical pollution of soil and groundwater, stochastic modeling of the transport of chemicals at field scale, volatilization of pesticides and VOCs from soil, unstable flow of water in soil, and global water management.

Research Interests

My principal research interests are in the areas of measurement and modeling of organic and inorganic chemical movement and reactions in field soils; development and testing of organic chemical screening models; characterization of the spatial variability of soil physical and chemical properties; and evaluating volatilization losses of organic compounds. At present, I am conducting research in global water management; unstable flow of water in soil; measurement and modeling of selenium fate in soil; management of saline water; and degradation during transport of volatile organic compounds. I have published 220 professional papers and written five books in my areas of research.

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Section 63: Environmental Sciences and Ecology

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Section 62: Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences