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Gerrit Lohmann

University of Bremen

Symposia Attended

  • 2000 German-American Frontiers
  • 2001 German-American Frontiers
  • 2002 German-American Frontiers
  • 2003 German-American Frontiers

Research Interests


Research Statement

Research interests are in Earth system modeling, paleoclimate variability, and theoretical aspects in Earth system analysis. A focus of my research is to identify driving mechanisms for paleo and future climate change. This is done through conceptual and numerical models of the Earth system, as well as statistical analysis of instrumental and proxy data. One special area of my research is focussed on the role of the global oceanic thermohaline circulation for recent and paleo climate variations. The sensitivity of the circulation plays a key role for recent and paleoclimate variability on decadal to centennial time scales. Recent work focusses also on the dynamical interpretation of proxy data, e.g. corals, ice cores, and marine sediments.

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