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Salil Lachke

University of Delaware

Symposia Attended

  • 2013 U.S. Frontiers

Research Interests

Mammalian Developmental Genetics and Human Structural Birth Defects Gene Discovery

Research Statement

Of the ~22,000 genes in our genome, it is a formidable challenge to identify those linked to human birth defects. To identify new genes associated with eye and facial birth defects, we have developed two systems-based tools, iSyTE (integrated Systems Tool for Eye gene discovery http://bioinformatics.udel.edu/Research/iSyTE) and SysCLFT (Systems tool for Cleft lip/palate gene discovery http://bioinformatics.udel.edu/Research/SysCLFT), and use mouse models to characterize their function in development (e.g. Tdrd7, Pvrl3, Sep15, Celf1, Lachke 2011 Science 331:1571).
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