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25th Annual U.S. Symposium

November 7-9, 2013
Irvine, California


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 The Art-Science Interface

Organizer: Kay Bidle, Rutgers University and Desney Tan, Microsoft Research


The Art-Science Interface
Andrew S. Yang, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


The Art-Science Interface
Natalie Jeremijenko, New York University

Humanizing Science: Lessons from Artists
James Gillooly, University of Florida

 Assessing the Threat of Asteroid Impacts on Earth

Organizer: Marla Geha, Yale University


Assessing the Threat of Asteroid Impacts on Earth: Current knowledge and outstanding questions for Near Earth Objects
David Trilling, Northern Arizona University


Defending the Earth with a Telescope: Mitigating Impact Hazard through Studies of Near-Earth Asteroids
Nicholas Moskovitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Where do near-Earth Asteroids come from?
Kevin Walsh, Southwest Research Institute

 Biodegradable Materials

Organizer: Janis Louie, University of Utah


Next-Gen Bio-inspired Polymeric Tissue Adhesive Technologies
Jeffrey Karp, Harvard University


Translational Regenerative Medicine
Jennifer Elisseeff, John Hopkins University

Biodegradable Hydrogels for Cardiac Repair
Jason Burdick University of Pennsylvania

 Infochemicals and Cell Signaling

Organizer: Kay Bidle, Rutgers University and Magdalena Bezanilla, University of Massachusetts


Infochemicals and Cell Signaling
Wai-Leung Ng, Tufts University


Signals and Nutrient Sensing in Microbial Communities
Vanessa Sperandio, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Infochemical Signaling and the Marine Carbon Cycle: How Might Microbial Communications Control the Levels of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere?
Ben Van Mooy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

 Making Sense of the World with Deep Learning

Organizer: Desney Tan, Microsoft Research and Marla Geha, Yale University


An Overview of Deep Learning
Rob Fergus, New York University


Supervised Deep Learning
Marc’Aurelio Ranzato, Facebook

Unsupervised Deep Learning
Adam Coates, Stanford University

 Neuropsychiatric Disease

Organizer: Karen Bales, University of California, Davis


What’s wrong with my Brain?  The Neurobiology of Mental Illness
Alex Dranovsky, Columbia University


Chasing an Autism Biomarker down the Trail of Brain Development
Jeremy Veenstra-Vanderweele, Vanderbilt University

Genetic Diversity and Psychiatric Risk
Zoe Donaldson, Columbia University

 Ocean Observatories

Organizers: Kay Bidle, Rutgers University and Lee Cerveny, USDA Forest Service

Ocean Observatories
Joshua Kohut, Rutgers University


Running Head: Spatial Aggregations Regulate Community
Kelly Benoit Bird, Oregon State University

Using Ocean Observatories to Discover Habitat Associations
Matthew Oliver, University of Delaware

 Progress in Bringing a Star To Earth

Organizers: Hartmut Haeffner, University of California, Berkeley and Marla Geha, Yale University


Progress in Brining a Star to Earth
Antoine Cerfon, Courant Institute, New York University


Understanding and Controlling Turbulence at 100 Million Degrees
Walter Guttenfelder, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Enclosing a Star: The Challenges of Materials in Magnetic Fusion Energy
Zachary Hartzwig, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Protein Folding

Organizer: Magdalena Bezanilla, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Protein Folding
Patricia Clark, University of Notre Dame


Order from Disorder: Defining 'Structure' in Disordered Proteins
Elizabeth Rhoades, Yale University

Ideas for Solving the Rest of the Protein Folding Problem
Lisa Lapidus Michigan State University

The Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium is sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences. Major support is provided by the Kavli Foundation, with additional funding from the National Academy of Sciences.

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