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34th U.S. Symposium

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center - Irvine, California
March 7-9, 2024


 AIs impact on Society and Responsible Development of AI

Organizers: Srijan Kumar, Georgia Institute of Technology

AI for Societal-Scale Problems – And How We Might Avoid Creating Many More of Them
Tim Althoff, University of Washington

Stories from Building AI for Social Impact in Global South
Jigar Doshi, ARTPARK, Indian Institute of Science

AI Red Teaming's Role in Shaping the Future of AI Development
Jina Suh, Microsoft

 Deep Sea Mining

Organizers: Alison Christopherson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  and Amina Schartup, University of California, San Diego

Deep-Sea Mining: A Review of the Minerals, Policy, and Environmental Implications
Jessica Fitzsimmons, Texas A&M University

Deep-Seabed Mining Threatens Overlying Water Column Ecosystems
Anela Choy, University of California, San Diego

The Impact of Potential Seafloor Mining on Mercury Methylation in the Ocean
Katlin Bowman Adamczyk, U.S. Geological Survey

 Environmental Justice

Organizer: Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, Ohio State University

All Hands on Deck: The Need for Multidisciplinary Scientific Efforts to Create Healthier Environments
Kristen Brown, Urban Institute 

Structural Determinants of Sleep Health and Sleep
Dayna Johnson, Emory University

Climate, Disasters and Incarceration: Voices of the Unheard
Benika Dixon, Texas A&M University

 Exotic Physics: Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Organizers: Nia Imara, University of California, Santa Cruz

Illuminating the Dark Sector of the Universe
Tanveer Karim, University of Toronto

(Large) Maps of the Observable Universe as a Pathway to Understand Dark Energy
Satya Gontcho A Gontcho, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The Milky Way as a Dark Matter Laboratory
Nora Shipp, University of Washington

 The Gut Brain Axis in Health and Disease

Organizer: Lisa Beutler Northwestern University

The Gut-Brain Axis in Health and Disease
Art Beyder, Mayo Clinic


The Role of Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons in Autism-Associated Gastrointestinal Problems
Lauren Orefice, Harvard University

Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction and Mood: Clinical Implications and a Novel Intervention Strategy
Kara Gross Margolis, New York University

 Hitchhikers Guide to the Moon

Organizer: Ed O’Brien, Pennsylvania State University

Exploring the Moon in the Artemis Era
Brett Denevi, Johns Hopkins University

How to Permanently Live on the Moon
Ali Kazemian, Louisiana State University

Novel Research Enabled by the Moon
Gregg Hallinan, California Institute of Technology

 Pain from Bench to Bedside

Organizers: Mel Wohlgemuth, University of Arizona

Pain from Bench to Bedside
Vivianne Tawfik, Stanford University

Decoding Discomfort: Innovations in Measuring Pain in Pre-Clinical Animal Models
Victoria Abraira, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Stimulating the Brain to Decode Pain
Prasad Shirvalkar, University of California, San Francisco

 Xenobots: Living Robots or Organisms

Organizers: Rebecca Kramer Bottiglio, 

Xenobots: Living Robots or Organisms
Jeantine Lunshof, Harvard University

From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Life
Sam Kriegman, Northwestern University

From Modular Organisms to Biological Machines: The Plasticity of Life
Doug Blackiston, Tufts University

The Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium is sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences. Major support is provided by the Kavli FoundationAdditional funding from the National Academy of Sciences.

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