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Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms

Organized by Barry Mazur and Karl Rubin

March 15-17, 1996
Washington, DC

Friday March 15

Parametrizations of Elliptical Curves by Shimura Curves and by Classical Modular Curves
Ken Ribet, University of California, Berkeley

Iwasawa Theory of Elliptic Systems
John Coates, University of Cambridge

p-adic L-Functions and Euler Systems
Bernadette Perrin-Riou, University de Paris-Sud

Eular Systems and p-adic L-functions of Modular Forms
Kazuya Kato, Toyko Institute of Technology

Saturday, March 16

Two Variable p-adic L-functions of adjoint Modular Galois Representations and Their Selmer Groups
Haruzo Hida, University of California, Los Angeles

The Structure of Selmer Groups
Ralph Greenberg, University of Washington

Family Values: Representations, L-functions, and p-adic modular forms
Robert Coleman, University of California, Berkeley

Zeta Functions and Eisenstein Series of Classical Groups
Goro Shimura, Princeton University

Sunday, March 17

Deforming Semi-stable Galois Representations
Jean-Marc Fountaine, Universite de Paris-Sud

Integrality of Tate-cycles
Gerd Faltings, Max-Plack-Institut, Bonn

Congruences between Modular Forms
Fred Diamond, University of Cambridge

Modular Forms and Galois Groups
Richard Taylor, Oxford University

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