In April 2019, the presidents of the NAS and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (IASH) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to benefit outstanding scientists in the United States and Israel and to formalize cooperative relations between their scientific communities. A generous grant by the Blavatnik Family Foundation supports an annual US-Israel Blavatnik Scientific Forum, as well as a visit by a senior researcher from one country to the other to promote collaboration and stimulate academic cooperation and understanding between academic institutions.

Recent Forums

Second US-Israel Blavatnik Scientific Forum on Strategies and Technologies to Combat Antibiotic Resistance
Topics covered by this Forum include alternative approaches to therapy, new approaches to the diagnosis of AMR, phenotypic resistance to antibiotics, and the evolutionary dynamics of AMR.

Inaugural US-Israel Blavatnik Scientific Forum on Computer Science and Its Impact on Our Future
The Forum covered a broad spectrum of issues at the intersection of computer science and society, such as the impact of quantum science on technology, computational technology in life sciences, and the development and application of AI and autonomous systems.