A full playlist of symposium session presentations may be found here.

Planning Group Members: Shohei Nobuhara, Kyoto University, Wesley Pegden, Carnegie Mellon University and Michael Tangermann, University of Freiburg
INTRODUCTORY SPEAKER: Algorithms for Fairness in the Real World, Simina Branzei, Purdue University
SPEAKER: On Computing Envy-Free Allocations of Indivisible Resources, Robert Bredereck, Clausthal University of Technology
SPEAKER: Fair and Efficient Allocation of Indivisible Resource, IGARASHI Ayumi, National Institute of Informatics

Organizers: Sarah E. Cowie, University of Nevada, Reno, Jun Goto, Kobe University and Nadine Schöneck-Voss, University of Applied Sciences
INTRODUCTORY SPEAKER: Ethnocentrism in Science: What are we missing and Why?, Magdalena Nowicka, Humboldt University Berlin
SPEAKER: Contextualizing Indigneity and Bicolonialism, Debra Harry, University of Nevada, Reno

Planning Group Members: Anna Grassellino, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Yoshifumi Nakata, Kyoto University and Ursula Wurstbauer, University of Münster
INTRODUCTORY SPEAKER: Origin of Elements, Camilla Juul Hansen, Goethe University Frankfurt
SPEAKER: The Dark Universe, Yonatan Kahn, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
SPEAKER: Neutron Star Mergers and the Origin of Heavy Elements, SEKIGUCHI Yuichiro, Toho University

Planning Group Members: Ann Cook, The Ohio State University, Ilka Weikusat, Alfred Wegener Institute and Teppei Yasunari, Hokkaido University
INTRODUCTORY SPEAKER: Slow Earthquakes: Where Physics, Geology and Disaster Sciences Meet, Yo FUKUSHIMA, Tohoku University
SPEAKER: The Many Manifestations of Slow Earthquakes and Their Interpretation, Amanda Thomas, University of Oregon
SPEAKER: Insights on Fault Motion from Laboratory Experiments at Tectonic Plate Rates, Matt J. Ikari, Marum, Center for Marine Environmental Science, University of Bremen

Planning Group Members: Christine Beemelmanns, Hans-Knoell-Institute, Charles McCroy, University of Michigan and Itaru Osaka, Hiroshima University
INTRODUCTORY SPEAKER: Homogenous and Heterogeneous Materials for Solar Energy Conversion, Smaranda C. Marinescu, University of Southern California
SPEAKER: Design of Photocatalyst Materials for Solar Hydrogen Production and Carbon Dioxide Conversion, NAKADA Akinobu, Kyoto University
SPEAKER: The Wavelength Matters, Bartholomäus Pieber, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam

Planning Group Members: W. Florian Fricke,University of Hohenheim, Zachary Pincus, Washington University in St. Louis and Masato Yamamichi, University of Tokyo
INTRODUCTORY SPEAKER: Synthetic Biology, Artificial Organisms and Artificial Ecosystems, TOJU Hirokazu, Kyoto University
SPEAKER: Designing and Harnessing Synthetic Microbial Ecosystems for Sustainable Bio-Manufacturing: Opportunities and Challenges, Xiaoxia (“Nina”) Lin, University of Michigan
SPEAKER: Artificial Ecosystem in Microbiota Research – From Reductionist Approaches to Complex Systems, Till Strowig, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig

The Japanese-American-German Frontiers of Science symposia are sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. Major support is provided by the Kavli Foundation, with additional funding from the National Academy of Sciences.