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Alan Alda Recieves NAS Public Welfare Medal
2016 Public Welfare Medal awarded to actor, director, writer and science communicator Alan Alda. He addressed NAS members at the 153rd Annual Meeting.Watch Now

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153rd NAS Annual Meeting
Video Highlights

150th NAS Annual Meeting
Address by President Barack Obama

153rd NAS Annual Meeting
Sara Seager – Exoplanets and the Search for Habitable Worlds

Distinctive Voices
Judith Lean
Suspended in a Sunbeam:
How the Sun Influences the
Earth, from Surface to Space

Sackler Colloquia
Donald Pfaff
Epigenetic Changes in the
Developing Brain: Effects
on Behavior

Rosenblith Lecture
The Scientific Revolution: An International Play in Two Stages

Cultural Programs
David Saltz
Robotic Actors: Who Is Pulling
the Strings?

Distinctive Voices
Patricia A. Ganz
Delivering High-Quality Cancer
Care: Charting a New Course
for a System in Crisis

Kavli Frontiers of Science
Matthew B. Francis
New Chemical Tools to Generate Protein Based Materials

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