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Selected highlights from Academy reports, programs, and events

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NAS President's Address
Marcia McNutt preseted her first annual talk to members and the guests at the 154th Annual Meeting.

Other Video Highlights

154th NAS Annual Meeting
Presentation Ceremony

NAS Public Welfare Medalist
Jane Lubchenco

From Research to Reward
The Matchmaker: An Economist Tackles Kidney Exchange

NAS Research Briefing
Hidde Ploegh
What We Cannot See We Do Not Know:
Immune Recognition Today

Sackler Forum
The Frontiers of Machine Learning

How to Submit Your New Paper to PNAS

Cultural Programs
Susan Middleton
Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates

Sackler Colloquia
Reproducibility of Research: Issues and
Proposed Remedies

Distinctive Voices
Michael Merzenich
Brain Power and Brain Health

Additional highlights are available on YouTube

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