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Alan Alda Recieves NAS Public Welfare Medal
2016 Public Welfare Medal awarded to actor, director, writer and science communicator Alan Alda. He addressed NAS members at the 153rd Annual Meeting. Watch Now

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153rd NAS Annual Meeting
Video Highlights

150th NAS Annual Meeting
Address by
President Barack Obama

153rd NAS Annual Meeting
Sara Seager – Exoplanets and the Search for Habitable Worlds

Distinctive Voices
Rosalee S. Hellberg
What’s on Your Plate?
Food Fraud Detection
through DNA Testing

Sackler Colloquia
Noah A. Rosenberg
In the Light of Evolution X:
Comparative Phylogeography

PNAS 100th Anniversary Greengard Video

Cultural Programs
Chris Bathgate
Aesthetic Automation:
The Hand Behind the Machine

Distinctive Voices
Chris Lowe
Recovery of
Large Marine Predators
off California Coast

Kavli Frontiers of Science
Corrie Moreau
The Role of Gut Microbes in Ant Evolution

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