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The NAS at 150:  Celebrating Service to the Nation

October 16-18, 2013
National Academy of Sciences; Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, October 16
Annual Sackler Lecture
The National Academy in the American Democracy, 1863-1963
Daniel Kevles, Yale University

Thursday, Oct 17

Session 1:   National Security and International Relations                  

Speaker:  Peter Westwick (University of Southern California)

Panel:  Michael Clegg (NAS Foreign Secretary), Matthew Meselson (Harvard University), Richard Garwin (IBM), moderated by Peter Westwick.

Session II:   The IGY and Beyond: From the Earth to the Solar System                  

Speaker: Sylvia Kraemer (Former NASA Chief Historian and Director of Policy Development)

Panel: Maria Zuber (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Allan Needell (National Air and Space Museum), moderated by Sylvia Kraemer.

Session III:  Climate Change

Speaker: Spencer Weart (Director Emeritus, Center for the History of Physics)

Panel:  Ralph Cicerone (National Academy of Sciences), Peter Gleick (Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security), Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University), moderate by Spencer Weart.


Session IV:  Biology in Public Policy

Speaker: Ruth Schwartz Cowan

Panel:  Elliot M. Meyerowitz (California Institute of Technology ), Maxine Singer (Carnegie Institution for Science), Jane Maienschein (Arizona State University), moderated by Ruth Schwartz Cowan.

Friday, October 18

Session V:   Radiation Hazards

Speaker:  Angela Creager (Princeton University)

Panel:  Susan Lindee (University of Pennsylvania), John Garrick (NRC Committee for Improving Safety and Security of U.S. Nuclear Plants), Kevin Crowley (National Research Council), moderated by Angela Creager


Session VI:  Biodemography and Vital Statistics

Speaker: Margo Anderson (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Panel: Robert Hauser (National Research Council), Ken Prewitt (Columbia; former Director of the Bureau of the Census), Michael Hout (New York University) moderated  by Margo Anderson


Session VII: Computing and Information

Speaker:  Nathan Ensmenger (Indiana University)

Panel:  Dave Farber (University of Pennsylvania), Robert E. Kahn (Corporation for National Research Initiatives), Janet Abbate (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), moderated by Nathan Ensmenger.


Session VIII:  Science Education, K12

Speaker:  Edward Larson (Pepperdine University)

Panel: David Goslin (American Institutes for Research), Eugenie Scott (National Center for Science Education), Michael Feuer (George Washington University) moderated by Edward Larson.



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