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The National Academy of Sciences will honor the following individuals with awards in recognition of their extraordinary scientific achievements in a wide variety of fields. Click on an image to learn more about the recipients. Join us online as the recipients are presented their awards on Sunday, April 30 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Public Welfare Medal

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NAS Public Welfare Medal
Jane Lubchenco

Earth and Space Science

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Arctowski Medal
Mats Carlsson and Viggo Hansteen

Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship
Susan Solomon

Henry Draper Medal
Barry C. Barish and Stanley E. Whitcomb

NAS Award for Scientific Discovery
Gabriela González, David H. Reitze, and Peter R. Saulson

Neuroscience, Psychology, and Criminology

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NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing
Daniel S. Nagin

Pradel Research Award
Karel Svoboda

Troland Research Award
Tim Behrens

Troland Research Award
Sian Leah Beilock

Physical Science and Engineering

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Gibbs Brothers Medal
Jerome H. Milgram

NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society
Leroy E. Hood

NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science
Robert H. Dennard

NAS Award in Chemical Sciences
Armand Paul Alivisatos

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in Convergence Research
Frances H. Arnold


Biological, Medical, and Agricultural Sciences

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NAS Award in Molecular Biology
Rodolphe Barrangou

NAS Prize in Food and Agriculture Sciences
Edward S. Buckler

Richard Lounsbery Award
Pardis Christine Sabeti

Selman A. Waksman Award in Microbiology
Bernard Roizman

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