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Since 1886, the National Academy of Sciences has honored outstanding achievement in the physical, biological, and social sciences through its awards program.


  • NAS Awards Scheduled for Presentation in 2019
    The NAS will present 18 awards in 2019, recognizing extraordinary scientific achievements in a wide range of fields spanning the physical, biological, and medical sciences. Nominations will open in late June/early July 2018.  Read more»

Featured Award

Troland Research Awards

Two Troland Research Awards of $75,000 are given annually to recognize unusual achievement by young investigators (defined as no older than 40) and to further empirical research within the broad spectrum of experimental psychology. Marlene R. Cohen, University of Pittsburgh, and Josh McDermott, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received the 2018 Troland Research Awards.

Cohen’s studies are helping transform how we think about the brain. Her work employs a combination of mathematics and experimental neuroscience to study how visual information is encoded and processed in groups of neurons; how important information is then extracted; and how the brain is enabled to make quick decisions to act based on that information. Read more about Cohen's work.»

McDermott has made groundbreaking discoveries about how people hear and interpret information from sound in order to make sense of the world around them. McDermott’s work operates at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience and engineering. His laboratory conducts behavioral experiments, computational analysis of sound information and neural investigations into the brain basis of auditory processing. McDermott pioneered the study of sound texture by introducing the idea of statistical representations of sound. Read more about McDermotts's work.»

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