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Since 1886, the National Academy of Sciences has honored more than 950 individuals in the physical, biological, and social sciences through its awards program.  


Carolyn Bertozzi Wins Nobel in Chemistry

Previous NAS Award recipient Carolyn Bertozzi, Stanford University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for her development of bioorthogonal reactions, which allow scientists to explore cells and track biological processes without disrupting the normal chemistry of the cell. Dr. Bertozzi received the 2020 John J. Carty Award and the 2016 NAS Award in Chemical Sciences

Looking Forward- Featured Recipient

Previous NAS award recipients continue to achieve outstanding advancements in their fields. Over 120 have received a National Medal of Science, 79 have received a Nobel Prize, and 51 have a Lasker Award. NAS Awards: Looking Forward checks back in with previous award recipients. 

Recipient of the 2013 Alexander Agassiz Medal, David M. Karl continues to track changes in the ecology and biogeochemistry of the ocean under the stresses of climate change. Watch the video below to hear about his latest developments.  

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