All Medals banner small

All Medals banner small

Alexander Hollaender Award in Biophysics

Arctowski Medal (solar physics and solar terrestrial relationships)

Comstock Prize in Physics (electricity, magnetism, or radiant energy)

G. K. Warren Prize (fluviatile morphology)

Michael and Sheila Held Prize (computer science, specifically combinatorial/discrete optimization)

NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society (chemists working in industry)

NAS Award for Scientific Discovery (biochemistry, biophysics, or chemistry)

NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing (astronomy)

NAS Award in Chemical Sciences

NAS Award in Early Earth and Life Sciences - Stanley Miller Medal (Earth's early development)

NAS Award in Molecular Biology (young investigator)

NAS Award in the Neurosciences 

NAS Prize in Food and Agriculture Sciences

NAS Public Welfare Medal

Pradel Research Award (neuroscience)

Richard Lounsbery Award (biology and medicine)

Selman A. Waksman Award in Microbiology

Troland Research Awards (psychology; young investigator)

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